Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inspiration: Halloween is coming...

Growing up, Halloween was my absolute favorite holiday!  Seriously!  My dad would set up this elaborate display in our front yard of scary mannequins and tombstones and such to scare the neighborhood kids.  Those days are unfortunately over as we now live in an apartment where no kids visit on Halloween, but at least we can still enjoy getting dressed up in costumes!  Here are some of my favorites for adults!

i love the idea of having the family do Goldilocks and the three bears.  classic.
awesome viking hat and beard.  makes me proud of my viking ancestors.
raggedy anne for mom and daughter.  so cute.

ET and Elliott.  I would love it if my husband did this one!
more great ideas for men: a bavarian yodeler - an ostrich rider - ghostbusters marshmallow guy - edward scissorhands - luke skywalker
excellent female options: avengers black widow - my personal favorite, dolly parton - princess leia

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