Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ollies Mustache Party

do you like ollie's unibrow?  he wouldn't keep a mustache on, but for some reason he was fine with a unibrow!

he loved the mustache cake his grandma made him!  he was having fun throwing it.  some even landed in my friends purse.  and he was so sweet and would feed himself a bite then feed me a bite. what a good little dude.  messy, but good.

mustache ava
sarah, liam, emma, kristene, grandma morris

my parents

jasons parents.  man i wish those were real mustaches so they could look this good everyday.

tracy, david, travis, kim

our family: jason (yes that is his real facial hair and yes it is blonde. weird right?), me, ollie

travis and kim

jessica, patrick, lisa
shenny (aka: shaun and jenny)
ian and liesl

ollie doesn't like to be held by other people.  some call it clingy.  i call it bratty.  he loves to play with other people, but if you pick him up, the tantrum starts.  kristene and kim, you are good sports.

my reno babe kimmie
emily, jon, baby scarlette
happy birthday my messy man.  yes that is the cake he is sitting in.  i think he had fun.


  1. What a cutie! I'm sorry if this seems stalker-ish. I'm Jason's cousin - I don't believe we've head the pleasure of meeting.

  2. Hi Crystal! It is nice to meet you! Yeah, unfortunately I have not met all of Jason's cousins yet as we live in California and most everyone else lives in Utah! So how are you related? What line of the family? And where do you live? I would love to meet you someday!


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