Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy new years eve

it's new years eve, and i really dread the whole resolution thing.  primarily because i suck at thinking of a good one.  or if i think of one, i forget it by january 4.  so this year, i am putting it in writing right here on my quite lame blog so i can look it up when i forget it and need some inspiration!
1. eat healthier and be more active as a family:  my in laws just gave us an east bay park pass, so i expect to do a lot of hiking this year, and get back into zumba if ollie gets his sleeping schedule back on check!
2.  make everyday count: i have an awesome one year old and an incredible husband and i live in a beautiful area, and i take that for granted a lot!  i don't want to do that anymore.  here's to more memories and making everyday without a migraine a party!

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