Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentines day

ok, so i am not a fan of chick flicks, but there are a few that i can handle, and admittedly love in some weird way.  what better time to enjoy a sappy movie than valentines day.  here is my top ten. (all are available at amazon)
1. the vow.  don't ask me why i like this movie.  i think possibly the hipster lifestyle and clothes.  i don't know.  but it's a guilty pleasure.
2. across the universe.  it makes you feel like you are on drugs without having to be stupid.  and who doesn't adore the beatles?
3.  chocolat.  i want to be a gypsy.
4.  benny and joon.  adorable.
5.  500 days of summer.  i love zoey.
6. overboard.  classic, and funny.
7. nottinghill.  yet another one i can't describe why i like it but i do.  great movie to watch when you have a headache and just want something peaceful and lovely to entertain.
8. a little bit of heaven.  it has whoopie goldberg in it.  enough said.
9.  ps i love you.  so sweet and sad.  and i really want to go to ireland now.
10.  dirty dancing.  the classic that makes you want to dance.  and has a great soundtrack.

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