Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adventure: New Orleans, Day 1

after just the first day of parades...so many beads!
ollie and jason loving the parades!

checking out the cockpit

the stuffed animals our cute baby got on the just the first day!
the opening ceremony to tonight's parades:  she was crazy and twerking up a storm
Day 1:
New Orleans for Mardi Gras was just checked off our bucket list, and holy crap, it was AWESOME!  One of the best vacations I have ever had!  
On February 26 we had to get up at the awful hour of 3 a.m. to make our flight at SFO.  On our first flight to our layover in Denver, we sat by this nice pilot who brought us up to checkout the cockpit.  So cool.  In all Ollie was pretty good for both flights, but ready to play when we landed.  The taxi driver was so nice and offered to pick us up on Mardi Gras, as that was when our departing flight was, and pretty much no taxi driver wants to work on Mardi Gras day!  Our Bed & Breakfast was called the St. Charles Guesthouse, and as the clerk described, it was "charmingly falling apart."  We totally agree.  We loved it for all it's character and quirk.
We grabbed some amazing catfish at Down The Hatch and went to our first parades: Krewe of the Ancient Druids and Krewe of Nyx!  They were so much fun!  Parades are hands down the best part of Mardi Gras!  The weather was cold so a lot of people skipped these parades, and as such we got a lot of throws!  A whole lot!   And having a baby got us a lot of stuffed animals for the little dude!  We warmed up with gumbo at the VooDoo BBQ and met some great locals who gave us lawn chairs to relax in.  Great first day!

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