Monday, March 17, 2014

adventure: new orleans, day 3

beads stuck in a tree from the past few days of parades.  locales tell me you can see them year round on the parade route, because no one takes them down.

parade stands along st. charles avenue

st. louis cemetery #1

the voodoo queens tombstone, complete with xxx voodoo marks and gifts to honor her

love those balconies

i love that they advertise apartments by whether they are reported haunted or not

artists at jackson square

voodoo gris gris for sale

what every home decor needs

this picture does not capture the massive size of this muffaletta.  it was ginormous.  bigger than a football.  bigger than a human head.  ginormous.
This morning we had to haul to the French Quarter bright and early to make our scheduled cemetery tour!  He told us all about the history of New Orleans, and we got to see Congo Square and the St. Louis Cemetery #1 with all of its strange tombs.  It was actually really cool.  Afterwards we enjoyed the most amazing lunch ever!  A muffaletta from the original Central Grocery Store, where they were created over a hundred years ago.  We ate it and some classic New Orleans Zapp's chips at the French Market across the street while listening to a great Cajun street band.  I love New Orleans!
After lunch we checked out an old Pharmacy Museum followed by a VooDoo museum.  It was actually really interesting, and we even got to see an albino snake with blue eyes that the VooDoo priest pulled out for us.  Near Jackson Square we found a great band called Swamp Kitchen.  We loved their music so much we bought there CD, and can't stop listening to it.  Then we decided we needed a little dessert so we went back to Cafe du Monde for more beignets.  They were that good that we had to go back two days in a row!  On the way back we tried to walk on Bourbon Street to see what all the fuss was about, but holy crap was it crowded.  It was like trying to navigate with a stroller through a can of sardines, everyone was packed so tight.  And did I mention drunk, so they were a little dumb and oblivious to our little family trying to get through the crowd.  We gave up after a block or two, and felt grateful that we were staying in the family area on New Orleans, and not with that unsavory crowd! 
That night we enjoyed the Krewe of Hermes and Krewe D'etat parades!  They were incredible!  And we met a bunch of locales who started the Krewe of Tucks parade that will pass tomorrow.  Unfortunately we won't make the parade, even though they offered to hook us up with throws, but they were very kind and told us all about life in a Krewe, and were quite surprised when they invited us to cocktails and we told them we don't drink alcohol.  I suppose it is strange to people in New Orleans if your not a drinker!  It was a great day!

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