Wednesday, March 19, 2014

adventure: new orleans, day 4

this is the courtyard of the bed and breakfast we are staying at.  charming, quirky, slightly unsafe.

for breakfast we dove in to a king cake!  so good!  and jason found the little baby Jesus inside, so it looks like he is in charge of making our king cake next year!

baby alligators!

there were so many squirrels wobbling in the trees

the slave quarters

our family at the creole laura plantation

oak alley plantation

The Felicity Plantation, where the movie the Skeleton Key was filmed

Evergreen Plantation

Ollie trying on his beads!

When we finally decided to wake up today, we went and bought a king cake and enjoyed it for breakfast (healthy, I know) in the courtyard of our b&b.  It was so darn good, and definitely a tradition we are going to have to start in our home!  Then we hit up the krewe of iris parade for awhile before we were picked up by our tour guide for our plantation tour.  He took us to the swamp where we got to see baby alligators swimming around!  Then we headed off on old river road and saw some gorgeous, old plantations.  Our tour was at the Laura Plantation, which is the last standing creole plantation open for tours in the area.  French was the language of the household, and it had a really cool Creole layout that I have never seen before, along with beautiful sugarcane fields.  The family that originally lived there were runaways from France that had to flee after a killing a person or two in duels.  The original story of B'rer Rabbit was recorded in French here, as taught by the slaves to their children.  The slave quarters were also really interesting to me as all the old houses I have toured in the past were out west, and don't have that history.   After our tour, we were able to see the Super Dome lit in Mardi Gras colors, and pass over the huge krewe of endymion parade on our drive back.  Dinner was at Copelands, which was so good but crazy expensive for how tiny the portions are.  It was another great day in New Orleans!

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