Friday, March 21, 2014

Adventure: New Orleans, Day 5

Since today was Sunday, we walked 30 blocks on St. Charles Avenue to go to Church, which had it's own New Orleans twist.  We are not used to hearing people sing their testimonies Southern Baptist style, nor people talking with such strong Cajun accents that you literally can't understand a word they are saying!  It was awesome!  After church we found a spot on the parade route in the family section, and had a blast watching parades all day!  Some friendly locales shared their Praline King Cake with us, which was so good!  We saw Krewe of Okeanos, Mid City, and Thoth, then went on a stroll through the garden district to see the beautiful homes and oak lined streets.  We tried to have dinner at the Commander's Palace but were kicked out when they saw Jason was wearing shorts.  Dang you nice weather!  So instead we relaxed in some small Italian restaurant and had the spiciest Cajun pasta I have ever tasted!  Holy Cow!  We finished off the night watching the Krewe of Bacchus parade, and some other nice locales let Ollie sit in there Mardi Gras ladder to get the whole parade experience!  It was wonderful!

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