Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adventure: New Orleans, Day 7

Our Mardi Gras get-ups!

Floats on the Freeways, in the pouring rain!

King Oliver
Happy Mardi Gras!  During breakfast we pawned off the last of our extra beads and stuffed animals that we can't bring home!  The people here are so nice!  We watched a little of the Krewe of Zulu parade, but it was freezing and pouring rain, and Ollie was not loving it!  According to the news, this is the coldest Mardi Gras here since the early 80's.  On the drive to the airport, we saw multiple open air floats on the freeway, throwing out beads to the other cars!  Those people are crazy!  It was literally pouring down rain on them!  We had an incredible corn and crab bisque, biscuit and creole hot dog at the airport.  We needed to get our last fix of Cajun food!  Then we flew on home to California!  Ollie had a hard time on the flights, as he is getting sick with the flu, but he wasn't that bad!  It was strange getting back to California!  All the buildings are newish and boring, and there is so much open land compared to New Orleans!  All in all, this is one of the best vacations we have taken!  I love New Orleans, and miss it already!

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