Friday, July 25, 2014

Adventure: Memorial Day

He was in love with these peaches!  He probably ate like 8!

This might have been the highlight of his day.  He loves tractors!

Ollie's own little log cabin at Grandma & Papa's!  He is so spoiled!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know that Memorial Day was awhile ago.  I never said I posted things promptly on this blog!  But yes, two months ago on Memorial Day, my little family took a little drive over the Brentwood for some fruit picking fun.   As we are in a nasty drought this year, there wasn't a lot of fruit to be had.  In fact, the first place we stopped at, we waited in line for quite awhile only to find out that there were no more cherries on the trees, and they were closing down shop.  Finally we found a peach orchard in a hidden corner of town, and had a blast.  A $55 worth of peaches blast.  Yes, that is way to much to spend on peaches but we couldn't stop ourselves from picking more and more, it was all so lovely.  And Ollie loved grazing on the whole peaches whiles Jason and I climbed trees to our hearts delight.  Then we headed back to my parents for a bbq and some playhouse building.  Happy belated Memorial Day!

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