Friday, October 31, 2014

adventure: pescadero and san mateo memorial park, girls day edition

how cool is this redwood tree slide?  i think it gave me a sliver though.

dude, i make cute children

i love that even ollie made a ridiculous face!

Miss Liesl

Miss Sariah

Yes, I know, this is a lot of pictures.  But my friend Liesl is a photographing fanatic, and she has an incredible camera, so all  of her pictures turn out good.  During the summer Sariah, Liesl, Oliver and I have girl days to celebrate the fact they are out of school as they are teachers, (boo, I know you are back to school again.)  This day, we had incredible artichoke bread at Arcangeli's Market in Pescadero.  Seriously, the best bread I have ever  tasted!  Then we went on a little hike and redwood climbing expedition at San Mateo Memorial Park, complete with a song and dance performance at the stage by Oliver.  He is so talented.  It was a fantastic day!

(PS: Happy Halloween!)

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