Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Wishlist

i am getting so antsy for another road trip.  this necklace gets my crazy urge to travel and see new sights.
beautiful blue, bohemian top.  i would wear this all the time.
adorable paddle ball set.  with a two year old, any type of ball and/or thing to hit it with is a success, and at least these ones are attractive!
we showed ollie star wars for the first time this week and he loved it!  he would love making light saber popsicles with this set too!  so cool!
i love these earrings!  they are so different from anything i have.
who doesn't need a pair of leather pants?
such a cool statement necklace.  that is all the jewelry you would need in an outfit.
cute skirt.  all ready to wear to church.

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