Friday, December 5, 2014

December Wishlist: What Jason Loves...

Since we just bought a new car (new to us), we need a new windshield sunshade.  How cool is this Star Wars one?
I love getting Jason work clothes for his Christmas or Birthday.   We have a family rule that every new clothing item Jason gets, I get to throw away one of his old, not nearly as attractive ones.  I like the rule a lot.  And I love this grey sweater, plaid button-up, or grey striped shirt for him.
He has also been asking for Whiskey Stones for awhile.  I don't get it as I never want ice in my drinks, but he is all into it!
We have a little obsession with Christmas Vacation.  Jason loves this "tenement on wheels" shirt, and the slightly more appropriate Griswold Family Christmas shirt.  And how great would he look dressing up like Uncle Eddie with this dickie and moose cup?
And since it is Christmas, you always need a comfy new pair of pajama pants for lounging.

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