Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Wishlist: What Ollie Loves

Ollie is obsessed with the Cars movies right now!  He is constantly playing with his Cars toys at home, and always looks for these hard to find toys at the store, and they are so hard to find! 
He also is starting to get into the airplanes movies.  It is adorable when he asks to see Chupacabra.  He actually pronounces it pretty good.
He also loves anything Star Wars and likes to sing "Yub Yub" over and over again, pretending he is an Ewok.
And of course like any two year old boy, he loves anything "Choo Choo Train" or any type of tractor!
Lastly, aren't these pajamas adorable?  I also love the baseball jersey, lumberjack shirt, and sweater.  So cute!

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