Thursday, February 26, 2015

Family Christmas Party

Every year we have our Greco Christmas party, complete with dinner, hot tubbing and gifts, both serious and not so much.  As always we had a great time!  Thank you Grecos!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yule Log Hunt

Ollie really wanted to see the old fire truck I use to drive at work!

Bringing down the Yule Log

He is kissing the mistletoe.  I think he is a little confused by this tradition.
He is so proud of this huge leaf we found on our hike
My favorite activity at my old workplace, Sycamore Grove Park, is the annual Yule Log Hunt!  It is awesome and silly, my favorite combination.  Everyone goes on a big hunt to find a hidden yule log, then we drag it down to the fire pit and burn it and decorate our own yule logs to take home with us.  I have been taught the history and symbolism of this event back when I was working, but I don't recall it now and I don't really care because it is still a lot of fun!  We also tried out the new hiking trail connecting to Arroyo Del Valle, which is awesome!  And of course got to see my old coworkers and friends and sip some cider!  Such a great event!  Thank you Rangers!

Monday, February 23, 2015

things ollie says...

little cowboy did not want his picture taken
Ollie did not want any help while saying the prayer the other day.
His prayer "Thank you (for) mommy, Jon, daddy, Ollie, stripes, Yoda shirt. AMEN!!!!"
The things that a 2 year old is grateful for.  Followed by screaming Amen in glee.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

things ollie says...

Last night Jason was watching Oliver for awhile, and apparently as soon as i stepped out Oliver approached Jason and said "Mommy's gone now.  We should eat lots chocolate.  It perfectly fine."
My little sugar freak.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Flashback: Idaho 2010

Annika & Lexie

Newborn Sadie & Kristen

Mountain Meadow Ranch

Yellowstone National Park

Little Lindsey!  You look so young here!  And I look so skinny!

Teton National Park

Aunt Marilyn

Papa's siblings: Julie, Karen & Bob
I was looking through some old folders on my computer and I noticed these pictures, which I haven't seen since I took them back in 2010.  This was a trip I took with my parents while I was dating Jason.  We visited my sisters in Idaho Falls, enjoyed a western show and dinner at Mountain Meadow Ranch, explored Yellowstone National Park with Kristen's family and then a day with just Lindsey, my oldest niece.  We also made a quick stop thru Teton National Park and had a family reunion with my dad's relatives in Shelley, Idaho.  I forgot all about this trip!  What great surprised I find while cleaning up my computer!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ugly Sweaters and Nasty Mocktails

it's weird that Mormons aren't very good at flip cup

Monica was by far the toughest in drinking the bull shot, a nasty beef bouillon drink

Right before Christmas we had a little get together filled with insanely ugly sweaters, stupid drinking games, and lots of non-alcoholic drinks, some good, some friggen nasty.  Thanks for the entertainment Liesl, Ian, Sariah, Ernie, Alicia, Monica and Rob!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Girls Day: San Francisco

Amazing ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery

Photo bombing at Frjtz

Yes, that is the house from Full House.  Yes we are nerds for seeking this out.

Oh my gosh.  Coolest thing in SF.  Seward Street Slides.  So much fun.

Nice fanny, Liesl

Mission Dolores

Ollie's Ohlone Tule Hut

the Painted Ladies

I love the city!  Especially with my boy and Liesl and Sariah!
Highlight of the Day: Seward Street Slides.  Seriously, so fun
Low of the Day:  When Ollie opened a gate at Mission Dolores, accidentally knocking over a candle in a shrine.  Holy crap, I thought we were going to burn down a religious landmark.  Luckily, the fire didn't catch anything.  Just a false alarm.  Lesson learned, two year olds and candles should not mingle in the same area.

May: Mothers Day Adventure:Santa Cruz

Trolley ride for Oliver