Friday, February 20, 2015

Flashback: Idaho 2010

Annika & Lexie

Newborn Sadie & Kristen

Mountain Meadow Ranch

Yellowstone National Park

Little Lindsey!  You look so young here!  And I look so skinny!

Teton National Park

Aunt Marilyn

Papa's siblings: Julie, Karen & Bob
I was looking through some old folders on my computer and I noticed these pictures, which I haven't seen since I took them back in 2010.  This was a trip I took with my parents while I was dating Jason.  We visited my sisters in Idaho Falls, enjoyed a western show and dinner at Mountain Meadow Ranch, explored Yellowstone National Park with Kristen's family and then a day with just Lindsey, my oldest niece.  We also made a quick stop thru Teton National Park and had a family reunion with my dad's relatives in Shelley, Idaho.  I forgot all about this trip!  What great surprised I find while cleaning up my computer!

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