Sunday, February 8, 2015

Girls Day: San Francisco

Amazing ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery

Photo bombing at Frjtz

Yes, that is the house from Full House.  Yes we are nerds for seeking this out.

Oh my gosh.  Coolest thing in SF.  Seward Street Slides.  So much fun.

Nice fanny, Liesl

Mission Dolores

Ollie's Ohlone Tule Hut

the Painted Ladies

I love the city!  Especially with my boy and Liesl and Sariah!
Highlight of the Day: Seward Street Slides.  Seriously, so fun
Low of the Day:  When Ollie opened a gate at Mission Dolores, accidentally knocking over a candle in a shrine.  Holy crap, I thought we were going to burn down a religious landmark.  Luckily, the fire didn't catch anything.  Just a false alarm.  Lesson learned, two year olds and candles should not mingle in the same area.

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