Sunday, May 3, 2015

Adventure: Mendocino

Holy Crap!  The storm was fierce at Jughandle!

Fort Ross

The path to Schooner Gulch was ridiculous!  It was a friggen river, the storm was so intense!

The view from our room!

I am in love with Mendocino!  For an early anniversary/valentines day trip, my parents watched Oliver while Jason and I headed up the coast to Mendocino area.  The one catch was that there was a crazy storm that weekend!  We didn't have electricity the entire time we were there!  As in, the only light we had was a little flashlight and our fireplace.  As in, lots of restaurants were closed because the storm was so bad.  It was a little crazy, but a big adventure!  And so dang beautiful!  We stayed at the Heritage House Inn, right on the ocean.  Probably the fanciest hotel with the most stunning ocean views that I have ever stayed at!  And despite the lack of electricity and the fact that I got the flu on the final day there and was throwing up all night long, we had a great weekend!

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