Tuesday, September 1, 2015

take me camping

i have been craving camping recently.  maybe it is because summer is almost over and i fear i have missed my chance.  maybe it is because my dad just informed me we are camping over thanksgiving this year (awesome).  all i know is i need a good camping fix asap, and these goods are making me even more ready to hit the woods.

utility box: i don't know what this has to do with camping, but it is friggen cool
planisphere: so i'll actually know which stars i'm looking at
audubon field guides:  i have been geeking out on these awesome books for a decade now.  my favorite field guides ever.
camping plates: because they look cool
camping pot: because i want to be like bear grylls and cook my food right over the fire.  he's a family hero of ours.
dutch oven cookbook:  mmm, peach cobbler
hatchet: to cut the wood for my pyro husband bonfire
survival kit:  just in case...
cowboy lore:  to read around the campfire
camping blanket: because it is beautiful, and i am always freezing

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