Friday, January 15, 2016

If I had a million dollars: A day at the park

Holy cow I am sick of all this rain (and thunder and lightning as is happening outside my window right now).  All I want is one nice, dry day to relax at the park with lil' dude.

A shirt because they frown on you going topless to the park.
Good read about hippies.
Toy to entertain the youngster.
Bag to lug around all my stuff.
A beautiful ring.  No more accessories needed.
Warm coat because I'm freezing if it is under 72'.
Over the knee boots.
Blanket to relax on.
Jeans because I try not to wear my sweats out of the house.  Unless I'm going to Wal Mart that is.
Great Harvest Bread because I am addicted.

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