Friday, April 1, 2016

April Wishlist

i am over the duvet we got for our wedding.  this one is affordable, and actually attractive, and that is rare!
cool cutting board.  my husband could probably make one like this, hint hint*
i want these cool shoes made for ballroom dance. that means they would be comfortable right?
i hate my hot pads, like a lot.  this stripe one is much more attractive, along with this cool old fashioned blue one
i want these reclaimed wood placemats SO much
yep, definitely need more attractive dish towels too
the only table cloth i have that fits our big table has stains all over it.  this one is nice and basic for any occasion.
love this crate for holding everything: olive oils, toys, spices, towels, etc.
i saw native american braid wraps like these in a small shop in folsom about a decade ago, and have been thinking about them ever since

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