Saturday, January 7, 2017

December: Maternity Pictures

My incredibly talented friend Cassidy insisted we take maternity pictures before little Jude makes his appearance, and I am so glad she did.  Dang she is has skill if she can make this whale of a pregnant woman look okay alongside her handsome boys!  Thanks Cass!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Things Ollie Says...

We have driven Oliver to San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland many times and have told him about the beautiful lights on the Bay Bridge, and how in 1989, when we were kids, the bridge collapsed in an earthquake.  Now he refuses to sing "London Bridges Falling Down" anymore, and instead sings "Oakland Bridges Falling Down" all the time.  

The other night we were joking with Oliver, asking him to do something preposterous, and his reply was "Homey don't think so."  We have taught him well.

Jason, Oliver and I were making fun of each other a few days ago, and Oliver's insulting reply was "Oh yeah, well your grandma has a beard!"  Witty dude, and sorry grandma! 

Oliver calls his hands his "aliens" Jerry & Barry when he is bored.  The other day in the car he was having them rock out to some AC DC, and he stated "These aliens are indicative of a good song."  Somehow I think that is not a word Papa taught him in Preschool.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January Wishlish

Cute shirt for nursing and hiding my fat belly.
New towels
A good/cheap juicer so I can pretend I'll be healthier in 2017.
A dress that might hide the post baby gut and spit up?
Mobile for Jude's crib.
A mug that for my binge cocoa days.

May: Mothers Day Adventure:Santa Cruz

Trolley ride for Oliver